Strategic support to optimize the value of your pipeline
STRATEGIA BioPharma Consulting GmbH
UID:  CHE-438.252.546 HR/MWST

STRATEGIA provide strategic decision-support for biopharmaceutical products in early development.
We are committed to deliver value for our clients, through tailoring our approach to the specific needs of each project.  STRATEGIA take pride in delivering high quality customer-centric analysis, conclusions and strategic recommendations. 
Differentiation and value are at the heart of everything we do!
Competitor benchmarking
Opinion leader consultation
Indication selection
Patient segmentation
TPP Development
Clinical development strategy
Market and product opportunity assessment
Risk assessment and management
Due diligence support
Development of partnering strategy
Assessment of commercial risks and opportunities for in-licensing candidate(s)
STRATEGIA develop bespoke solutions to address our client's needs, so even if your project does not exactly fit with the service offerings we've outlined, feel free to contact us to talk about how we can support you.

Take a look at some of the projects we've recently delivered, and what our clients have to say about STRATEGIA .....

As a value-added service for our clients, we've launched BioPharma Blog - a free access "news and views" blog site.  We try to provide biopharma industry news in therapy areas of interest to clients, pharma and biotech news on industry and investment trends, and some original STRATEGIA articles focussed on maximizing returns on our clients' investments.
And, to ensure that our clients can implement and "own" the outputs we deliver, we always consider the implications of our recommendations for further development of the product.