Strategic support to optimize the value of your pipeline
Differentiation by Design© is a strategic marketing framework for biopharma products in early development, which was developed by STRATEGIA to allow for consistent and transparent assessment of commercial opportunity and risk.
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Chemical structure and characteristics
Promotable claims delivered by clinical trials
Direction for development  strategy and CDP
The molecule is what it is, BUT how you develop it determines the promotable claims which may be made at launch.
The primary objective for STRATEGIA developing the Differentiation by Design© approach is to support our clients in developing meaningfully differentiated products, which will meet customer needs and add value when they launch.

Initiate strategy development early, ideally before investing in clinical trials.
Understand market dynamics, customer needs and value drivers.
Benchmark competitor developments to identify opportunities for differentiation.
Select the launch indication which optimizes the balance between development risk and commercial opportunity.
Early development of a differentiated TPP maximizes the chances of delivering a meaningfully-differentiated product.
Focus all research and development activities on delivering the agreed TPP.
Never lose sight of the need for differentiation and value demonstration at launch!
The core principles of Differentiation by Design© are:
Strategic decisions made early in drug development determine the value of your product - either to a biopharma partner, or to payers, physicians and patients at launch. 

Therefore an early investment in strategy development could save your company tens of millions of dollars of clinical investment in the "wrong" indication or patient population.  And switching strategy late in development  could come at a high cost to the company and their investors!